Where to Sell Your Art Online ?

An artist is an individual with unlimited freedom of thought. However, as an artist, we also need acknowledgment. It can come in the shape of money that values our artwork. Unfortunately, the way to get this financial acknowledgment is pretty unfamiliar among artist. So, this article is here to help you to find out about the way to sell your art and get that appreciation.

Find the Platform

First of all, you have to find a platform or store where you will Sell your art online. There are two options you can use here. First of all, you can build your own platform. The other option is using the online services that are focused on selling the artwork from many artists.

Building Your Own Online Art Gallery

You can pick any site builders you can find on the internet. Then, start it by building the website that you are going to use to display your art and sell it. Among many site builders available today, we have found that there are three that we can consider as the best choice. They are Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly.

They are easy to use. It’s useful for you who don’t familiar with site building. You can try their service for free. However, they offer a really affordable plan that you won’t have any problem to pay for it. It’s not the way to Sell art online free. However, it gives you more freedom to adjust how you will operate your online art gallery.

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Using the Online Art Gallery Service

If you really want to Sell art free online, you can try to use the online art gallery and market service. There are several great places you can try to promote and sell your art. And, they provide their service for free. However, you need to remember here. They will take a commission from your sold art. That’s normal because that’s the way they get the profit and money to operate their online service.

Here are the places we recommend to you if you want to sell your art on the internet for free:

  • Fiverr – it is not only a place where you can sell your art. But, you also can find a client that needs your skill. So, you can get more than one way to make money here.
  • Saatchi Art – this place is only for you who are experienced. The minimum price you can set here is $500. That means your art must have that value, at least.
  • Creative Market – this is one of the old players in the online art selling industry.
  • PicaStock – You can earn up to 80% per sale, it’s the biggest royalty compared to other marketplace (designbundles, creativemarket, creativefabrica, etc).


Choose any methods that you see fit to your needs and idealism. Do not let the time and distance limit your chance to find the person that can really appreciate your art by valuing them financially. Your art will be the way to find the freedom of thought as well as the freedom of any financial problems. And, that’s How to sell your art in the best possible way.

Photo credit by OVAN from Pexels

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Where to Sell Your Art Online ?

An artist is an individual with unlimited freedom of thought. However, as an artist, we also need acknowledgment. It can come in the shape of

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