Resume Template For Google Docs to Write a Job Resume

Writing a resume for applying a job is a normal thing to do. In fact, everyone who wants to apply for a job must write one. However, writing a good resume sometimes is very difficult to do. It’s not about the content. Mostly, the problem lies in the format and the correct structure of the resume. This is where the resume template for google docs comes as the best help for you.

What is Resume Template?

The resume template provides the detailed frame and structure of a good resume. What you need to do is filling it up with the information or other important content that you think you need to show it to your job provider/ employer.  

The Best Time to Use Resume Template

The resume template is especially suitable for a certain condition. For example:

  • Career Transition

When you decide to try a new career in the field or industry that you haven’t familiar with, you will need a good resume template. The template will help you to create a resume that won’t show your lack of knowledge and experience in that new field. Instead, it will help you to make your skill is more noticeable by your employer. Therefore, it will help you to increase the chance to get the job.

  • Employment Gaps

The employment gap is surely one of the parts of your career that can be easily seen from your resume. And, showing this part isn’t always a good thing. It shows that you have a time when you did nothing and it can be seen as the time that can affect and even decrease your skill and ability.

The resume template can help you to hide this gap. With the template that can be opened via google docs, you can make the employer focus on what you can give to them in the future without worrying about your past. This will show them that you are worth to hire for their company.

  • Fresh Graduate

When you just graduate, the resume template also can help you to write a good resume. Maybe you have been training during your time at the college to write a resume for your job in the future. However, that isn’t enough. Writing a real resume can be really challenging. In the worst case, your resume will show your lack of experience that lowers the chance to get the job that you want.

The resume template helps you to avoid that. You can use it to optimize the way to show your experience you get during your internship or training. Moreover, you also can write about what you can do in the field of your choice, easily and clearly.

Basically, those are some of the condition where you will need a resume template for google docs most. The template will help you to deal with all kinds of problem in every condition. And, it’s not only those three conditions where you can use the template. Almost every time you want to apply for a job, the resume template can help you to create the resume that you need. Moreover, the template also has a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Using Resume Template For Google Docs

free resume template for google docs, picastock

Download – Free resume templates support google docs

  • Free

Usually, we paid the professional to help us to create the resume or at least, the frame of the resume that we will use later. However, nowadays, you can easily find a free resume template. You don’t need to pay or even subscribe to their service to get this template. You can download it directly and use it as what you want. It also means that you can save more money to write your resume.

  • Save Time

With the template, you can save a lot of time to write a resume. When we write a resume from scratch, usually we have a problem to find the right way to start it. You also need more time to choose how you want to display your skill and plus point in a suitable sentence or writing style. You can do all of those without a template, actually. But, you will a lot of time to do that.

Using a resume template will cut the time you need to create a resume, significantly. With the template, you can finish it quickly. Then, you can use the time you have for other useful and productive activity. For example, you can prepare all the documentation that you will need to apply for the job.

  • Noticeable

It said that the hiring manager only needs 6 seconds to read the resume. In fact, these 6 seconds aren’t the time they use to read your resume. They just see it quickly before moving to other resumes. It can be a problem if your resume can’t grab the employer’s attention in those 6 seconds time range.

The resume template helps you to attract attention within those 6 seconds. It isn’t only how it will make your content interesting regarding its writing style. But, the format and resume structure also make it easy to understand with just a glance. For example, the usage of bullet points, the length of the paragraph, and many more in the template will help you to get that attention.

Once your resume has successfully got the employer attention, they have to read your whole resume. From this point, it will be much easier for them to understand how good your skill really is and the importance of your existence in their company. And, this is what gives you the job that you want. The good thing is you can even find this magnificent effect from free resume template for google docs.


If we have to use simpler words, resume template will help you to create a good resume. However, we have to remind you that a good resume isn’t only coming from using the resume template. Many people can create amazing resume from scratch. Those resumes even have the ability to show their real personality, which is an important part that the company is looking for these days.

So, you can use resume template for google doc to help you write the resume or use it as the reference. But, if you can write it without a template, use it instead. It will create a more personalized resume which has a higher value than the template-based resume.

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