Top 10 Handwritten Fonts for Your Design

Are you tired of tabbing the browser trying to find perfect yet free handwritten fonts for your project? Here, I have just the right solution for you. Forget about the hours you need to spend on the search. All you have to do is read through the page to find out the top 10 best handwritten fonts.

In this list of beautiful fonts, you can find the best fonts to use for many kinds of purposes. If you need free handwritten fonts you can find our database of beautiful free truetype and opentype fonts to download here. We have literally hundreds of fonts to choose from, organized into different categories so you can easily find the perfect font for your project.. For woman theme design, you might would want to download Stay Classy.

These fonts are not only beautiful, but they are also easy to use. Big hug to all the designers for creating such an excellent type for no dime.  All fonts come with commercial license, perfect for any kind of project both personal or corporation. After all, it would not hurt to support this impressive list of designers.

Top 10 Free Handwritten Fonts

01. Stay Classy

Picastock, Stay classy, handwritten font
Stay Classy handwritten font by solidtype

Stay Classy is the new cool.  Stay Classy manages to steal the number one spot of the best-handwritten font due to its feminine style. You can use this font for a lot of designs. You can combine this chic and stylish font with any background to generate a delicate design.  Thus, wedding and girl themes are its forte. This font is also best for boutique logos and make-up campaign. If you are desperately looking for a font to lift-up your design, Stay Classy might be the one you are looking for.

02. Semeru Font

picastock, Semeru, handwritten font
Semeru font by Wellscript Studio

Do you have a knack for adventure? Semeru is definitely the one to get to. Live up to its name, this font offers a peek into an escapade. The design itself gives a certain feeling of personality and authenticity. Thus, Semeru font is perfect for a travel blog, outdoor advertisement, and an open-air event poster. Stop looking for anything else! You can download Semeru in PicaStock right now.

03. Kiddos Fun

picastock, Kiddos, handwritten font
Kiddos by Letterstuff Typefoundry

It is never easy trying to search for typography suitable for kids. If you agree with me, then you must have been looking in the wrong direction. Fret not, Kiddos is the one for you. Kiddos was created with handwriting style using a marker. The font appear fun and clean hence it is perfect for your poster, comics, or quotes design as well. The design has a personal feeling and enjoyable quality. It is a perfect typography for your kid’s party, books, and even name tags. 

04. Flamingos

picastock, flamingos, handwritten font
Flamingos by Wellscript Studio

Flamingos is skinny and a clean handwritten condensed sans-serif. This condensed sans-serif will look so fun on your cards & invites, cover book and it works perfectly when pairing with other fonts. Flamingos is perfect for branding project, logo, wedding design, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, product design, label, photography, watermark, book cover and any projects that need handwriting taste.

05. Samona

picastock, samona, handwritten fonts
Samona by Handletter Yean

Samona font provides vintage pop feeling perfect for logos and brands. But, you can also apply the font for many other occasions such as weddings and parties. Despite its versatility, the font is free to use in personal and commercial designs. You can download it right away at PicaStock to broaden your collection. 

06. Baliday Summer

picastock, baliday summer, handwritten fonts
Baliday Summer by Kong Font

Are you looking for an “unch” to upgrade your design? Baliday Summer might be the one you need. Designed with a strong handwriting style and a slanted quality, Baliday Summer can uplift your graphic to a whole new level. Once you put your hand on it, you will never need anything else. The font is meant to use for merchandise, posters, flyers, and much more. Baliday Summer font in the cute style. Set of multicolored bright letters for inscriptions and your design. Vector illustration. Isolated on white background.

07. Meraphy Script

picastock, meraphy, handwritten fonts
Meraphy Script font by Kongfont

Yet another handwritten font is coming from Kong Font. Meraphy is an authentic handwriting type perfect for any kind of project. Due to its bold character, Meraphy is attractive enough for a headline. When you need to capture attention, this font will do it for you. Don’t forget to choose a beautiful background to deliver a strong message with Meraphy.

08. Meraphy Handwritten Script

picastock, seloyor, handwritten fonts
Seloyor Sweet modern font by Utopia19

Seloyor is a stunning and handwritten font with a cool twist. Use it to add a charming and elegant feel to any design project. Seloyor Script including initial and terminal letters, alternates, stylistic alternate, ligatures and multiple language support. Seloyor Script is coded with PUA Unicode, which allows full access to all the extra characters without having special designing software. Mac users can use Font Book , and Windows users can use Character Map to view and copy any of the extra characters to paste into your favourite text editor/app.

09. Sweet Birthday

picastock, sweet birthday, handwritten fonts
Sweet Birthday handwritten font by Willetter Studio

Sweet Birthday is a very natural handwritten font, perfect for your projects with a cheerful theme, kids, snacks, packaging, etc. Exactly like its name, Sweet birthday gives a sweet and cute look for any birthday event printed material. It has proper spacing which is usually perfect for invitations, backdrop, banner and flyers. But you can also use it for personal documents and designs.

10. Spidol

picastock, spidol, handwritten fonts
Spidol bold marker font by Kong Font

Spidol Font in the Handwritten style. Set of multicolored bright letters for inscriptions and your design. Vector illustration. Isolated on white background. This Spidol font is creatively created by Kong Font.

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