Tips to Successfully Sell Your Art Online

Once you’ve found the best sites to sell art, it doesn’t mean you can make money right away. You need to compete against thousand and maybe millions of artists from all over the world. Moreover, there is also a chance to be overlooked because the site has too many arts that they display. So, how we, as an artist, deal with it? Below we have several tips that can help you to sell your art successfully via online method.

Decide the Title

Make sure you choose an interesting title for your art. Selling your art online isn’t only about how good your artwork really is. We admit that your art quality is important. But, the first thing you need to do in the online world is making yourself noticeable or easy to find. And, you can start it by using the interesting title.

Create attractive image preview or mockup

You can attract buyers by creating beautiful image preview or gallery especially if you sell designs or fonts. At least, create 3 images preview for your design or font so the buyer can see if your product is perfect for their project. You can also give mockup preview and variation.

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Promote Your Art

The other things you can do are promoting your art. Or, in this case, you need to promote yourself as an artist. You can do it in many ways. However, for the safest result and the most effective method, use social media. It’s free and almost everyone uses this online tool.

However, it is back to what kinds of art you made. If you create a painting or sculpture, you can take a picture of it with your camera and post it on image-based social media, such as Instagram. If you create a movie, music or digital art, you also can use any social media that related to that type of art.

Decide the Correct Price

Selling art online best sites make a profit from your sale commission. Therefore, you need to set the correct price for your art. The correct price will attract more people to see your art and if they are interested, they can decide to buy it. Do not overprice or underprice your art.

With the correct price, the client will appreciate your art. In the best possible case, they can even become your loyal clients. If you get that client, you secure a source to make money from your art. But, you have to work hard to not to disappoint them.


Now, you are ready to sell your art at the best sites that you have found. One more important thing to remember is Bonus. It is important especially if you sell a digital products. Give your buyer some bonuses, such as pre-create logo, mockup design or maybe additional items.

Selling your art online is the best way to earn money while you sleep, you don’t even to worry about the shipping and stocks. Online method is always the best choice. And finally, choose the best marketplace that you feel right and gives you more royalties from your hobby. PicaStock gives you up to 80% royalties from every single sales, why don’t you try to open shop now on PicaStock?

Photo credit by from Pexels

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