Free Fonts to Download For Designers 2020

Designers are always in a quest for extinguishing typography. Choosing the perfect font to connect with the readers can make or break a project. If you are already looking, then you will be amazed by how many options are there as well as how many pence you need to spend on getting them. Just like that, the need for premium yet free fonts to download arises.

There are no rules in typography. This might be the hardest fact for people to grapple with when they try to familiarize themselves with the practice. Whether we are the designers or the readers, we are all part of the audiences for those choices. Put plainly; good typography is hard to come by. And the sheer number of options we have can feel overwhelming. For one, more fonts exist than any person could use in a lifetime. Filtering through the possibilities is a Sisyphean task. Things like size, spacing, color, and tone all affect the reading experience. They, therefore, affect the message we try to convey.

Fret not; we have already made a list of the best free font you can download right here. A well-arranged selection of free font to download can save tons of time when designing a new project. No more spending hours to search for the perfect free font. No more struggling in the wrong pages and directions. We have compiled 10 best free font for you to select and download. And tell you what, the list is epic.

We are not only providing 10 free fonts to download. But, we will also include three more highly recommended premium fonts at the end of this article to satisfy your needs.

Here is 10 list of exceptional free fonts to download in 2020

01. Athika Lovely Fonts

free font to download, ergibi studio, picastock
The Athika Beautiful Script Font by Ergibi Studio

The Athika is a beautiful script font created by Ergibi Studio. The modern and elegant look is suitable for many designs, including logos, branding, invitations, photography, wedding stationery, and labels.

02. Mysterio

free font to download, mysterio, picastock
Mysterio Playful Font by Dedi T

Mysterio fun font is sans serif font. Dedi T created it to bring joyfulness and playfulness to any designs. Handlettering with a marker pen in bold and strong style is his sole inspiration. This font is ideal for display, text, print, branding, birthday, birthday invitation, especially for children activity.

03. Arturo Typeface

free font to download, arturo, picastock
Arturo type face free font

Arturo Luz’s Black Forms on White Space artwork is the inspiration for Arturo Typeface. Arturo Luz is a Filipino printmaker, sculptor, designer, and founding member of the modern Neo-Realist school in Philippine art. He is also a Philippine National Artist awardee in Visual Arts. His works are deeply Influenced by Modernist painters such as Paul Klee. His work range in a variety of styles and techniques with a certain purpose to create playful geometric figures and forms.

04. Stay Classy Font Free

free font to download, stay classy, picastock
Stay Classy Handwriting Font by Solidtype

Stay Classy is a gorgeous and simple handwritten script font made by Solidtype. The font is fashionable, making it perfect for any project that aims for women and femininity. Stay Classy looks incredibly authentic for a large range of project types. This elegant font looks edgy when used as a headline or in body text. This font will be perfect for many different projects, especially content creating, social media, branding, wedding invites, cards, etc.

05. Grotters – Urban font

free font to download, grotters urban, picastock
Grotters Urban Font by Ergibi Studio

Yet another Magnifique font is coming from Ergibi Studio. Grotters Urban Font is supercharged with extra concentration to quick strokes and sharp details. Grotters is best for logos, apparel, quotes, product packaging, or anything that needs a typographic turbo-boost. You will also be available to get an extra unique swash to accompany the font.

06. Holmes with signature

free font to download, holmes script, picastock
Holmes With Signature Elegant Font Duo

Ergibi Studio is introducing Holmes With Signature. This is probably the only script and sans fonts designed by Ergibi. The font gives us a stunning feeling of luxury, elegance, and contemporary style. Holmes is perfect for logos & branding, photography, invitations, watermarks, or anything that requires exquisite, classy handwriting tastes.

07. Betty Lavea

free font to download, Betty lavea, picastock
Betty Lavea Modern Handwritten Font

Betty Lavea is originally the title of one soap opera that revolutionize women’s position on television. Just like the name, The Betty Lavea offers a modern handwritten font that strives to break through boundaries. The aim ia to give a particularly personal touch to any design. Betty Lavea is absolutely perfect for branding, packaging, signatures, labels, and so much more.

08. Velocity Signature

free fonts, Velocity, picastock
Velocity Handwritten Signature Font by Iklaz Studio

Velocity is a stylish handwritten signature font created by Iklaz Studio in 2018. Velocity is best to use if you want to create an elegant and modern design. The font is highly recommended to use in quotes and wedding invitation designs.

09. Platina

free font, Platina, picastock
Platina Bold Condensed Typeface by Hasta Type

Platina is a unique font of Bold Condensed Sans Serif Typeface created by Hasta Type. Hasta Type originally plans to develop this font in a more layered font style. Its regular style is perfect to be used on Poster, Web Header, Book Cover, Packaging, and other design that needs strong and bold feels.

10. Thunder Script

free fonts, thunder script, picastock
Thunder Script with Vintage Styled Sans Serif

Thunder Script is a vintage styled Sans Serif Typeface created for the classics design. Iklaz Studio successfully brings a lot more fun in the playfulness of the font. You can use them for invitation cards, logos, and product packaging.

Premium Fonts

As promised, the list will continue to discuss three more fonts as a bonus. Premium fonts offer versatility and great quality design. They are guaranteed to up the level of your design. If you do not mind to spend some money to get some edge in your design, then, push through this article and get your premium free fonts to download.

01. Rochefort

Rochefort, font download, Picastock
Rochefort Elegant Font Duo with 10 Logo Templates

As an Elegant handwritten font with such personal charm, Rochefort is made by 160 Studio to captivate your audience especially. Its lovely strokes and a signature style, Rochefort is perfect for designed luxury. Designers use Rochefort for homeware designs, product packaging – or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

Rochefort costs $15 and the package includes two font files;
Rochefort Script • A handwritten script font containing upper & lowercase characters, numerals and a large range of punctuation.
The Rochefort • the second version of Rochefort, with a completely new set of both lower and uppercase characters.

02. Samona

Samona, font download, Picastock
Samona – The Dream Of Every Heart

Samona is a simple handwritten script font that shows happiness, love, and hope in our life. With only $13, you can get Samona to spread love in any of your design or artwork.

03. Semeru

Semeru, font download, Picastock
Clean – Natural – Stamp – Outline Styled Font

Made by Wellscript Studio, Semeru is a simple all caps font. It is designed to bring home the feeling of playful adventure. This Semeru font is perfect for any designs that need to be bold, unique, and fun. Semeru includes four versions of gorgeous uppercase letters, four version numerals, a large range of punctuation, three versions of multilingual support.

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