Best Free Download of Resume Templates for Professional

In any industry or company you work in, a plain, black-and-white resume templates written in Times New Roman font actually weaken your job application. Alternatively, you can download free resume templates over the internet but most of them only supports design software such as Adobe photoshop or Illustrator. Below you’ll found 10 best free download of resume templates bundle that support Adobe photoshop, Illustrator, EPS & Microsoft Word file. These incredible resume templates are professional looking and fully editable.

Use free download of resume templates below to create a killer cv templates.

To keep you from hunting the internet for the resume templates that are both free downloads and compatible with photoshop, illustrator & MS Word, we’ve listed 10 options below for you to customize with your own information right now. Some of them come with variations so you can pick your favorite free professional resume templates design. They’re so nice, you won’t believe they also open up in Microsoft Word once you download them. Just download and extract the file, now you’re ready to build your own professional resume template.

01. Simple Resume Template 1

free resume template, picastock
Classic grey simple resume template

02. Simple Resume Template 2

free resume template, picastock
Modern blue simple resume template

03. Simple Resume Template 3

free resume template, picastock
Grey and orange resume template

04. Simple Resume Template 4

free resume template, picastock
Minimalist and clean style resume template

05. Simple Resume Template 5

free resume template, picastock
Classic and simple resume template

06. Simple Resume Template 6

free resume template, picastock
Attractive girly resume template

07. Simple Resume Template 7

free resume template, picastock
Simple but elegant look resume template

08. Simple Resume Template 8

free resume template, picastock
Modern blue color resume template

09. Simple Resume Template 9

simple resume template, picastock
Lovely modern look resume template

10. Simple Resume Template 10

professional resume template, picastock
Modern resume template for graphic designer

Remember that once you have finished personalizing your cv template with your own photograph and data, you are still not ready to submit the application yet. Make sure to save your resume as PDF to ensure your resume format stays the same for everyone who receives it.

Good luck with your career!

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